PHP-MySQL Training

PHP-MySQL Training


In this PHP Training, you will learn how to use the PHP server-side scripting language for web development. You will also find out how to use PHP with MySQL in order to generate dynamic web content.


1. Intro to Server-Side scripting Languages (Dynamic Website)
2. How client and server communicate with each other
3. Installation of WAMP
4. Apache configuration and setting file and their parameter (httpd.conf) PHP
5. Configuration and setting file and their parameter (php.ini).
1. PHP Scripting Fundamentals.
2. Variables, Data Types & Expressions
3. Operators in PHP
4. Looping & Conditional Constructs
5. In-Built Functions (String function, Math & Date)
6. Arrays function and In-Built Functions
7. File function and directory function
8. User-Defined Functions
9. Error Handling & Reporting
10. Email function
1. File Uploads & Downloads
2. Image upload in database
3. Session & Cookie Management
4. Authentication in PHP
5. Overview to OOPs
6. Objects & Classes in PHP
1. Intro to MySQL Server
2. Overview of PHPMyAdmin Tool
3. Database Creation
4. MySQL Tables & Data Types
5. Database Connections
6. PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
7. SQL Statements & Joins
8. Complex SQL Query

A live project in PHP and MYSQL


  • B.E(IT/CS) or B.Tech.(IT/CS)-Bachelor of Engineering
  • B.Sc.(IT)-Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • MCA-Master in Computer Application
  • BCA-Bachelor of Computer Application
  • M.Sc(IT)-Master in Information Technology


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project. Inventors certifies you as a Web designer based on the project reviewed by our PHP and MySQL. This certificate increase your marketability when searching for a job.


Duration: 3 Months


Web Developer (PHP)
PHP Programmer

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