CorelDraw Training


CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor.It is also the name of Corel's Graphics Suite, which bundles CorelDraw with a bitmap image editor, Corel Photo-Paint, and other graphics-related programs. Coral Draw is a image editing piece of software that is designed to edit two_dimensional images like logos and posters


1. About Corel Draw
2. The User Interface
3. Creating a New Document
4. Opening an Existing Document
5. Working With Templates
6. Layout
7. Import
8. Export
1. Pick tool
2. Smudge brush
3. Roughen brush
4. Free transform tool
5. Crop tool
6. Hand tool
7. Text tool
8. Freehand tool
9. Rectangular tool
10. Interactive tool
11. Eyedropper tool
12. Outline tool
13. Fill tool
14. Interactive fill tool
15. Selecting fill and outline color
1. Insert Page
2. Delete Page
3. Rename Page
4. Page Setup
5. Page Background
1. Free Hand Tool
2. Bezier Tool
3. Pen Tool
4. Polyline Tool
5. Artistic Media Tool
6. Point Curve Tool
7. Shape Tool
1. Drawing Rectangle
2. Drawing Circle
3. Drawing Polygon
4. Creating Start
1. Arrows
2. Flowchart Shape
3. Banner Shape
1. Formatting Text
2. Formatting Paragraph
3. Changing Shape of the Text
4. Working With Lines
1. Blending tool
2. Contouring the Object
3. Distorting Objects
4. Envelope tool
5. Extruding of the Object
6. Drop Shadow
7. Applying Transparency Effect
1. Converting Objects to Bitmap
2. 3D Effect
3. Art Effect
4. Blur Effect
5. Color Transformation Effect
6. Contour Effect
7. Creative Effect
8. Distort Effect
9. Noise Effect
1. Transforming Object
2. Align & Distribute Object
3. Ordering Object
4. Locking & Unlocking Object
5. Shaping Object

Designing Portfolio like:Visiting Cards, Bouchers, Posters, Logo , Web banners etc.


  • B.E(IT/CS) or B.Tech.(IT/CS)-Bachelor of Engineering
  • B.Sc.(IT)-Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • MCA-Master in Computer Application
  • BCA-Bachelor of Computer Application
  • M.Sc(IT)-Master in Information Technology


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project. Inventors certifies you as a Web designer based on the project reviewed by our CorelDraw. This certificate increase your marketability when searching for a job.


Duration: 2 Months


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